I read some advice that Steve Harvey gave his audience on his TV show that I thought was so good I have to share it!  His advice is especially good for women who do online dating. I thought of a few of my friends who either got divorced or lost their husband to cancer. When you are finally ready to date again, signing up for an online dating site seems like the easiest route to take.  After all, you get to look at their picture and read their profile to see if you have anything in common with them.  Sometimes we are so eager to go find that special someone that we overlook how creepy or weird they might be! That’s where the advice of Steve Harvey comes in handy:

  • A woman needs two phones, a regular phone and a burner phone. 
  • Go to Walmart and put some minutes on a phone.  When you meet someone, give them the  number of the burner phone.  When they start to get creepy, throw the phone away and get another one.
  • When things start to get serious, give him the real phone number. At this point, you now need to FaceTime him.  You need to see who is in his house, what does his house look like, how many beds are in there, etc.

Enjoy navigating your dating experience and be safe! – Maryann Morgan – Joel & Maryann in the Morning