Even though the temps are still cold, the feeling of spring is upon us. What is it about spring that makes us want to clean? I’m already ahead of my spring cleaning by ridding my closets of unworn items. I feel like I’m on a roll with this cleaning stuff.  I like to entertain a lot in the warmer months and enjoy everything to look and smell fresh when guests arrive.  I especially like sparkly clean bathrooms.

If you have boys or grown men who occasionally miss the target, some moms found a great way to clean up a smelly toilet. Mums Who Clean posted pictures of shaving cream covered floors and toilets.  I needed to find out what all the hoopla was about and decided to give it a try this past weekend.  To my surprise, shaving cream destroys the uric acid and takes away any remnants around the toilet!  Just let the shaving cream sit there for a bit and then enter with a sponge and a mop.  Who knew a can of shaving cream would be your best friend to clean a smelly toilet!

Enjoy my cleaning tip of the day! Maryann Morgan – Joel and Maryann in the Morning