When we are invited to a special event, we all seem to put a little more effort into having a good appearance. Maybe you head to the salon for a mani and pedi before a big event.   Perhaps you head to the salon to get yourself a new do. I love to give myself an at home facial so my skin is glowing and my make up goes on evenly.  We all tend to spend a little more money on prepping before a big event, but I don’t think our grooming is anything like the show prep celebrities do before they walk the red carpet.

Stars Prep Before Stepping Out:

Stars will be plumbing their lips with cinnamon oil.  Nothing like a full set of lips you get from natural oil!

Some female stars have had Botox injected under their breasts to give their sagging cleavage a lift. Others are getting Armpit Botox to prevent sweating.

Men and women wear panty shields under their arms to keep sweat away from their dresses and tuxedos.

Other stars will be preparing for the Oscars with hydrocortisone injections to get rid of blemishes and acne.

Preparation H is in almost all the celebrity medicine cabinets. Preparation H is a must have to reduce puffy eyes.

Believe it or not, masking tape is huge in for red carpet preparation. Masking tape to tape cellulite down on their legs under their gowns.

Professional bronzers are on hand. These professionals carry portable tanning sprayers for a quick touch up.

If you want the star eye lashes,  it comes at a hefty price. Some stars will be wearing mink eyelashes that cost $10,000 a piece!

I think I’m ok not being a huge celebrity. It seems like a lot of work just to step out of  the house. I will at home watching the Academy Awards in my pajamas or sweats, no make-up, and eating a big bowl of greasy, buttery popcorn! Enjoy the night! – Maryann Morgan – Joel & Maryann in the Morning