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On his new single, “One Less Day (Dying Young),” Rob Thomas sings about seeing “my friends fall away before their time.” Appearing on People Now, Rob explained that one of those friends was late British pop superstar George Michael.

“When I was writing this song, it was over like a year-and-a-half period…from one Christmas to another. And two years ago, we lost George Michael on Christmas night, and that was a big blow, he was a friend of our family,” Rob explained. “Then the next year, on the day after Christmas, we lost one of our best friends in the world…[our tour manager] Jason Browning.”

“I had written this chorus with the idea of, instead of being afraid of getting older, the idea of embracing it, because the alternative is pretty bleak,” Rob continued.

The song’s lyrics say, “I’m not afraid of getting older/I’m one less day from dying young,” which Rob said is a positive spin on aging.

“Getting older isn’t a privilege that’s been afforded to everyone,” he explained. “And there are more and more people I think that have to worry about that…and so I think the idea of embracing every day and getting older was a better way to look at it.”

“One Less Day” is the first single from Rob’s upcoming solo album, Chip Tooth Smile.  He says the album’s title refers to himself, because he cracked a tooth slam-dancing at a concert when he was 19.

He revealed, “When I met my wife, and I finally made enough money where I could have dental work, I had some stuff done, but she would never let me fix the crack, ’cause she liked my chip-toothed smile.”

Chip Tooth Smile will be out April 26.