Last year, we had Radiator King perform live in the Magic 98.3 studios, and we talked about the upcoming CD.   It’s out now, and he’s been doing shows in our area!   There’s one coming up on Friday, Feb 22nd at Coney Island Baby in NYC, and there’s going to be more as the weather warms up!   I love Adam Silvestri’s passion for the music he writes and performs, and if you like heartfelt lyrics with music to match (and a touch of rock n roll) you’re going to enjoy his new CD, “Roll The Dice!”  Connect with him on FB, Instagram and Twitter, and make sure you get to see him live soon! Good music that leaves you wanting more, tells a story, and is just plain GOOD!   That’s what Radiator King delivers!   He’s got some tour dates in our area in June, and you really need to check this guy out!  My new fave On The Verge artist, and I know you’ll enjoy his music, and our talk as well!   Just don’t ask who’s got the best pizza between Boston and NY… LOL







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