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With Valentine’s Day ahead of us, we’re facing another high-calorie holiday. How does one get ahead of the calorie battle? We know exercise and diet is part of it, but one possibly counterintuitive answer is having a bigger breakfast. Check out some of the best tips from the archives below.

For most people, breakfast is the most overlooked, rushed and unplanned meal of the day – particularly during the work week. It’s usually some variation of grabbing yogurt out of the fridge, or stopping for a bagel at the drive-thru – or worse. You’ve heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day – but it’s also the most important meal for your waistline. Here are some things to consider as you get that “grab and go” breakfast this week, courtesy of LIVESTRONG:

  • Stay full through lunch. A cup of coffee and a bagel isn’t going to keep you satisfied through noon or later. The right breakfast can keep you from heading to the vending machine for toaster pastries between meetings
  • Pick the right proteins. Sure, a big Sunday breakfast of bacon, sausage and potatoes will keep you full through lunch, but it’s all saturated fat and carbs. Go for yogurt, egg whites, fresh fruit and whole wheat toast with peanut butter instead
  • Weight loss isn’t the only reason you’ll be healthier. A skimpy breakfast leaves you without the right amount of essential nutrients, which results in health problems down the road

Soon enough, you’ll be pitying the person next to you with the donut and coffee!

– Dan Mulcahey