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Who wouldn’t want to take home a Grammy Award? The award takes 20 minutes to create and is worth only $15! The Grammy is not solid gold, it’s 24-karat gold plated.  Beware of Grammy replicas selling on the internet. Grammy replicas are selling for just under $300.

I’ve always found it more interesting to see what the stars get fed at the premiere dinner and what they take home in their swag bag, rather than who takes home the award.  I wonder if the stars get as excited  about the swag bag as I do.

This years Grammy swag bag is worth $30,000. Would you be happy with these items?

A gift certificate for a week long spa stay

An electric back massager

Milano cookies (I hope there are mint flavored)

A $59 hairbrush


A tongue wand (what is that?!)

Old spice bodywash

A $90 striped hoodie

An Easter egg decorating kit

A Baby Shark doll

Color changing lipstick

Cookie dough

A dog toy

Peanut butter and jelly bars

Gourmet lollipops with 24 karat gold

A bottle of Southern Wicked Lemonade Moonshine

Perhaps this will give you an idea to buy swag items for your friends and family who will stop by to watch the Grammy’s at your house this weekend. – Maryann Morgan – Joel & Maryann in the Morning