As I was reading an article about how food affects your mood and depression, I decided not to finish the cookie I started to munch down. Research suggests that while healthy diets can reduce the risk or severity of depression, eating an unhealthy diet may increase the risk.  Depression can cause sleep problems, difficulty concentrating, and a lack of interest in activities in things you would normally love to do.

An Australian research team took a random group of people with depression and performed a study.  Over  a 12 week period, participants were given nutritional consulting sessions and asked to change their unhealthy diets to a healthy one.  At the end of the period, 32% of participants had scores so low they no longer met the criteria for depression.

Having a healthy diet means eating a wide variety of nutritious foods everyday. Even if you are  happy, why not go for super happy and eat as healthy as you can.

Here are the things we should put in our diet:

*Fruit (2 servings a day)

*Vegetables (5 servings a day)


*Small quantities of meat

*Whole grains


*Dairy Products

*Small quantities of olive oil



Here’s the list of foods you limit in your diet:

*Processed and takeaway foods

*Processed meats

*Fried foods



*Sugary drinks and snacks


*Refined grains (white bread & pasta, cakes & pastries                                                                                                                                                 are in this category too)

Raising my glass of lemon water to a healthier effort of being conscious of what goes into our mouths during the days to come and taking note of our mood improvement. – Maryann Morgan, Joel & Maryann in the Morning