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Wednesday, February 6th marks the two year anniversary of “Joel and Maryann In The Morning. “When they first started the show together Maryann inherited a desk from a former employee. While cleaning the desk Maryann found an old, shriveled, black banana in the drawer. She thought it was disgusting; Joel thought it was genius! So, Joel decided to put a banana in her drawer to see how long it would take for her to discover the new/old banana. Days passed and nothing. So Joel would add another rotten banana. Weeks passed and nothing. So Joel would add more bananas. Months passed and nothing. More bananas. Joel even had his son, Liam, add to the collection when he was visiting for “Bring you child to work day.” Liam decorated his contribution with push pins and plasticware. A year passed and still nothing. Still more disgusting bananas! If Maryann never uses her top middle drawer, when and how will this end?

Today, two days before their two year anniversary, Maryann mentioned that someone was using her headphones. She said, “I wish I could lock my desk, but there’s no key.” Joel said, “I’m sure the key is somewhere in the desk, you should check all the drawers.” Then Joel followed Maryann to get it on video. Two days shy of two years since the first banana was placed in Maryann’s desk she finally found them all…

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