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Some of us have been doing the same workouts for years or decades. But are we doing them right? Here are three basic abdominal exercises you may be doing incorrectly, as Jillian Michaels demonstrates in Health:

  • Push-ups. If you’re putting your hands out to the sides of your body, put them under your shoulders. Feet should line up with your shoulders, too.
  • Mountain climbers. Knees should go toward your chest, not out to the sides. Unlike the plank, work your core by rounding your back slightly.
  • Push-up to side plank. For the push-up part, bring your feet a little closer than the push-up guidance above. For the side plank, stack your feet and push your hips upward.

The right form can make or break the effectiveness – and safety – of an exercise.

– Dan Mulcahey