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I went to New Hampshire this weekend to enjoy the outdoors, the fresh snow, and to get away from it all.  It was so peaceful x-country skiing in the woods.  It was 14 degrees and snowing, a perfect day to be outside.

I realized even if you are out for leisure you are always faced with choices.  I’m not good at reading maps so I have to rely on trail signs to navigate me through the woods and return me safely to my car.  There were trail signs and arrows facing in all different directions.  Suddenly I panicked,  what if I decided on the wrong trail?  The trail I am pointing to reads Wicked Easy.  I contemplated that trail but decided Sunday was the day I was no longer going to travel the easier uneventful path.

As you can see, not only did I decide on a path less traveled, I decided to ski it in the wrong direction!  The road less traveled is often a lonelier path.  I was out there for 3 hours and only saw 4 people.  There were a lot more uphills than downhills in this direction. Even though it was only 14 degrees, I was sweating and thirsty. Perhaps the road less traveled really is more difficult. Acting independently felt like such an improvement.  I can’t explain how freeing it felt to not conform to the choices of others. I left the woods feeling as though I lived more that day.

Walk independently.  It doesn’t matter what road you take, just commit and go! Leave a new trail that will become the road more traveled.  Maryann Morgan – Joel and Maryann in the Morning