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It seems at times that award shows are taking over our television.  I used to be so excited about watching the awards.  My friends and I would dress up in formal clothes as if we too were on the red carpet.  It was fun to fantasize about living a glamorous celebrity styled life.  We would place fun bets on who we thought would win the various categories.

The awards shows were a way to escape from the mundane life by watching  glamour and entertainment. This year I am not looking forward to any of the awards shows. It seems like the fun and entertainment were taken out of the shows as they became to political and opinionated. I found myself yelling at the tv ” who cares what you think,  just give out the award”!  What happened to  turning  to the tv as an uplifting escape to things going crazy around us? Can’t we just enjoy an important tv event without being lectured?

Maybe the awards shows are just over done since it seems so many people are against award shows these days. We have the Emmys, Grammys, Oscars and Tonys, but there are also the Golden Globes, the VMAs, the Billboard Music awards, the Country Music awards, the BET awards, the People’s Choice awards, the Critics Choice awards, and so many others I seemed to have lost track. Only 20 percent of 2,201 people surveyed could name who won best picture in 2018’s Oscar. In case you fell into the 20%, the answer is – Guillermo Del Toro’s The Shape of Water 

On a positive note, 31 percent of Americans believe the Oscars get it right when picking the winners while 21 percent say the winners are not the best choices .

Enjoy the endless Award Show season, it’s upon us – Maryann Morgan (Joel & Maryann in the Morning)