In the NFL playoffs last Sunday the Philadelphia Eagles lost. Wide Receiver Alshon Jeffery, failed to catch a pass. It dropped right into the hands of a New Orleans Saints defender at a very critical moment. During an interview after the game, Alshon took responsibility for the loss saying, “it’s on me.” He didn’t say, “it’s an honor just to be thrown to.”

Now that Awards show season is upon us I wonder if we’ll see anything like that from the losers during the post-show interviews.

When Lady Gaga lost to Glenn Close for best actress at the Golden Globes it would have been refreshing to hear Lady G say, “my bad, we’ll watch the film, make some adjustments and get ’em next year!”

Or after Bradley Cooper’s loss to Rami Malek for Best Actor, Brad could have said, “Rami came to play, I just came up short. This star was born, but I may just need to grow up a bit to play at this level.”

“Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse” was victorious over an unapologetic “Incredibles 2” director. Brad Bird (left) should have spun his own web (of self-introspection), and candidly share, “I choked, if it’s truly “Incredible” we would have won.

I think you’ll agree that after falling to Sandra Oh for Best Performance By An Actress In A Comedy Series, Julia Roberts could have been honest and said, “She just wanted it more, I can’t expect to win in this guild acting like that.” At least she didn’t blame it on someone else, “It’s not my fault, we had some injuries and our key grip came off the practice squad.”

So with the Oscars and Grammys approaching, let’s hope actors and actresses will start earning their paycheck, show a little hustle, and leave all on the screen.

Joel is a movie and sports critic who enjoys chasing ping pong balls on a windy cruise ship.