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Mike McGinn

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In my opinion, award shows use to be so much fun to watch. Seeing great actors, musicians, directors & producers get rewarded for all their hard work. But today I cant watch them because they’re to political driven. I want to watch these show so I can see someone get an award for something amazing they did, not so I can hear everyone express their political opinion.

I get it though, political conversations are important these days because it keeps everyone in the loop on whats going on it the world. The only thing is, if I wanted to hear all about it, I would turn on CNN, FOX News, MSNBC or any other informed news channel out there. I purposely tuned into an award show so we can see one thing …. PEOPLE GET REWARDED! Movies, TV shows and music are my escape from the constant political discussion. I turn on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and the first thing I’m treated to is politics!

I don’t know about you and maybe you love it, but personally I am 100% done with it all.