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Safety tip: When you strap your little one into the child safety seat, you should also make sure the child safety seat is also strapped to the car seat.

Firstly — the kid’s okay.  But it was one hell of a shock for Mankato, Minnesota driver Chad “Cheddar” Mock when he saw a toddler strapped into a child safety seat tumble out of the car in front of him and into the middle of the road.

The video below is taken from Mock’s dashcam during the incident and shows the back left door of the car somehow swing open as the vehicle’s navigating a right-hand curve, and out falls the toddler, bundled in a pink coat and strapped into the child seat, which clearly wasn’t properly fastened inside the car.  Probably a good idea to have a look at that door lock, too.

Mock stopped traffic and rescued the toddler from the road, who was examined by paramedics and judged to be unharmed.  Though probably more than a little confused. The

Mock said, “If it didn’t happen in front of me I’d never have believed it.”


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