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We have all seen it on our Facebook & Instagram timelines for the past few days because apparently it’s the cool thing to do these days. Everyone seems to be fascinated by posting their first profile pic along with a picture of how they look today. It’s definitely a cool idea to look back to see how much you’ve grown over the years, but when I took a second to look at the 1st profile picture of myself, I was lost for words!

I grew up in Brooklyn and my group of friends and I thought we were much cooler than we actually were. Yes I’ll admit it, I was the kid who wore jeans that were big enough to be a parachute for a sky diver, shirts & sweaters that could probably fit 3-4 people, my favorite sneaker were the “T-Macs”and of course a fitted hat.

Today, I like to wear pants that “kinda” stay up without falling down, sweaters that could only fit 1-2 people, my favorite sneakers are the Adidas Ultra boosts and I wont lie to you, I still enjoy wearing my hats, a lot!

So here it is, my first ever FB profile picture along side a picture of how I look today!


#DontJudgeMe … LOL



Now it’s your turn!!!