Who doesn’t love a good bagel? Everyone has a favorite. Mine is blueberry, which is the 4th most popular, but I enjoy the occasional Egg or Tide Pod bagel. The most popular is the exciting Plain Bagel, followed by Everything, and Cinnamon Raisin.

Here’s a fun fact:

National Bagel Day used to be on February 9th which is the same as Pizza Day, so they changed it so people wouldn’t have to choose. This is according to Richard Link, Senior Marketing Director of Thomas’ Bagels who was instrumental in having the day changed. Really? Hasn’t he ever had a Pizza Bagel or Bagle Bites?? Perhaps Dick isn’t aware that January 15th is also National Strawberry Ice Cream Day, National Hat Day AND National Fresh Squeezed Juice Day. As you know, deciding between ice cream or a hat can be very stressful. Perhaps Mr. Link could work on some legislation to solve that vexing societal quandary.

Wait, here’s more jaw-dropping bagel trivia:

-The average person ate 11 bagels last year (354 million were sold).

-Bagels have holes because vendors used to string them onto long sticks to sell them on the street.

-The first bagel has been traced to Krakow, Poland as early as the 1300s.

-In the early 1900s, bagel makers worked in teams of four, two people made and shaped the dough, one boiled the bagels and another baked them.

And then there’s the spreads and shmears! Maybe we’ll tackle that one next time.

Joel Katz is a bagel blogger who eats about 11 bagels a year while wearing a strawberry ice cream hat.