Joel: Then and Now

You're probably aware of the "aging challenge" going around on Facebook right now. You're supposed to post your very first profile picture in 2009 and your current profile photo. Here's mine:


The first photo was actually taken in 2004 (before the surgery), but you do have to admit I look much prettier now with the long blonde hair!

As we age, so do our kids. In 2009 I had a 15-year-old and two 4-year-olds. Now I have a kid with a Grad degree who's about to turn the age I was when he was born, and two extremely busy 8th graders with four more high school and college tuitions coming sooner than I'd like!

I didn't post the "age challenge" on my Facebook page. Why? Because that's something else I realized has changed; I don't post as much as I did in the past. I still enjoy viewing all of my friends' pictures and posts, but try not to bombard everyone with everything I do all the time. If I'm going to post something it has to relevant and important. Here's an example of one of my recent posts:

92 likes and counting. I can't wait to see what that sandwich looks like in 2029.

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