When I was asked to do a blog on how I combat post holiday/January doldrums, my first thought was how can I write about something I never experienced?  It was a realization that I have always been naturally keeping active and enjoying the outdoors keeping my spirits uplifted and positive no matter what the weather brings.  One of my favorite things about living in New Jersey is the change of seasons and not knowing if the day will be filled with rain or sunshine.

My remedy for everything is to just head outside.  As we get older, we tend to forget how wonderful and fun being outside could really be for the soul.  Our family loves the snow so my husband ordered man-made snow balls from Amazon. We had my nieces and nephews over to play.  Everyone, adults included, were on the front lawn throwing these super soft, cotton like balls.  It brought everyone back to their childhood and provided lots of laughs!

Today’s gear is made so well that you can outfit yourself to feel warm and dry. There really is no excuse for hitting the outdoors.

Hiking is such a spirit lifter!  The brisk wind blowing against the face, being one with nature as you take in the beauty, smelling the fragrant pines that can only be captured in the woods, the feeling of accomplishment knowing you did your body good with exercise, all make for the perfect day.  The best part about hiking is – it’s free! There are so many hiking spots in NJ no matter what county you reside in. Snow shoeing, skiing, ice skating, cross country skiing, are great for the outdoor enthusiasts.

If you have a focus you can fight the winter blues.  If you are not an outdoorsy person, what about tackling an indoor project.  Rearrange your furniture for a new vibe in the room, paint a room or revamp your furniture, reorganize a closet, get rid of your clutter, the list of projects goes on.

There’s always those adult DIY studios where you can BYOB and learn to paint, knit, cake decorating, wood shop, cooking, and  minor home repair. Find a class that tickles your fancy and sign up.

I hope you find the sun this winter – Maryann Morgan