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Good Question! I don’t!

After all of the stress, excitement, anxiety and sprinting around for months, the one thing I welcome into my life is a little “doldrumming.”

I’ll relax and listen to songs like “The Little Doldrummer Boy,” and “Bang On The Doldrum All Day.”

However, if things get a little boring for you, I recommend a few activities to get the adrenaline pumping…

  1. Parachute-less skydiving. This typically never ends well, and although it’s never been confirmed by anyone who’s tried it, it’s the least boring thing you could possibly do! If you’re lucky enough to try it a second time, you’re not doing it right.
  2. Tickle a giant stranger. I recommend this person is at least double your size and preferably very muscular. I guarantee that within seconds of digging into their ribs with your crazy fingers, you’ll be experiencing the thrill and excitement of being punched repeatedly plus being thrown further and slammed harder than ever. ***BONUS*** Several days of delicious hospital food like “liquid meat!”
  3. Play basketball with a walrus.


Joel is an anti-doldrum blogger who often enjoys painting his neighbors’ cars with peanut butter.