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My son, Zack, was never allowed a dog growing up no matter how much he begged and cried. We always told him when he moved out he could get a dog on his own.  He graduated from college and got a job in California.  Along the drive across the country, he stopped by a shelter in Nevada and purchased a German Shorthaired Pointer. This breed is known for it’s high energy and hunting ability.

Fast forward a year and a half later, Zack is moving back east for another job.  He will be driving home a few days before Christmas.  Since his dog, Jace, is so full of energy he will not do well behaving in the car during the travel. I volunteered to pick Jace up at the airport and watch him so Zack can pack and travel home worry free.

Day 1, I greet him with a warm fleece sweater since he’s used to 80 degree weather in Cali and we play and play and play fetch!

Day 2, I figure he was acquainted with our property since I played fetched for two and half hours with him the day before in our yard. I thought I can trust opening the door and letting him out to do his business unleashed. As I was running down the street in my pajamas with my sneakers half on at 2:54 AM, screaming his name as he’s chasing a deer through the neighborhood, I realized no leash was NOT a good idea! Not only couldn’t I keep up, I couldn’t even see him anymore! I ran inside to call my husband for help.  Our neighbor came out to ask if everything was okay.  ( Sure, I always run up and down the street frantically at 2:54 AM) ha! I got in my car and started to back out of the driveway to find him when he came trotting down our sidewalk with his little tail wagging as if this was the best day ever! I learned a lesson quickly. Now I don’t even play fetch without a leash on him.

Even in the middle of the night, a dog can spot deer and chase them!

A leash is a must, even when playing fetch in the yard!

Day 3 ,  I found myself buying him a raincoat with yellow rubber ducky prints on it to keep him dry and cute!

My husband and I set house rules such as no dog in our bed or on the couch. Take a look at how long that lasted:

Day 4                                                


   Day 5   

Day 6


The adventures continue, as the love we have for Jace continues to grow. –Maryann Morgan