Dan Mulcahey

Sundays 8am - 11am

Quite the opposite of music festivals, you won’t be finding people downing frozen drinks – unless they’re organic smoothies. The fitness festival, featuring celebrity trainers instead of headliners, either sounds like a good or crazy idea depending on your views toward fitness. Here are some things to consider before you sign up for one, courtesy of Greatist:

  • It’s not all working out, all day long: Workouts can range from 30 minutes to an hour, and include options ranging from guided meditations to massages in addition to straightforward exercise.
  • Many allow you to choose your workouts. Some give you the chance to pick from whatever you would like to do, and some offer “tracks” or groupings of workouts similar to a conference with speakers.
  • It’s a great opportunity to meet new people. Few things create a moment for bonding than a crazy workout!

It may not be your idea of a fun weekend, but given it is the holidays, it might be a good gift idea!

– Dan Mulcahey