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With Magic 98.3 becoming Jersey’s Christmas station on November 16th at 2pm, it had me thinking about which songs I’m most looking forward to hearing this year & to be honest, there are so many amazing options to choice from that I found it hard to choose just one. The way I came to a decision was by thinking back to last year when we flipped to holiday music and remembering which songs made me jump out of my seat just to scream out the lyrics at the top of my lungs all while performing dance moves that I would be way to embarrassed to do in public!

My top 3 songs I’m excited to jam out to this year would have to be:

1: NSYNC – Merry Christmas (Happy Holidays)

Yes! I don’t care what anyone says! This song from the former boy band NSYNC is my all time favorite Christmas song! If I don’t hear this song at least once every day during the holidays I will not be a happy camper!

2: Mariah Carey -All I Want For Christmas Is You

Trust me, I know everyone always says; They cant get away from this song when Christmas season rolls around. But don’t act like you don’t enjoy singing along to it all while trying to hit those high notes only Mariah will ever be able to hit. (Well use to at least.)

3: Jackson 5 -Santa Clause Is Coming To Town

What’s better then the King of Pop Michael Jackson letting you know that Christmas is almost here and Santa Clause is on his way?! This song right here is a most for me!

Now let the countdown begin! Jersey’s Christmas Station is almost here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!