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Dan Mulcahey

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Most celebrity news is measured in its entertainment value. After all, most of us aren’t going to go buy a $50 million mansion, or hop on a private jet for a dinner date with Bon Jovi. However, every so often, we get to spotlight the fitness philosophy of a Magic artist, which in most cases everyone can go out and practice with a cheap gym membership.

Shawn Mendes’ transformation from skinny to ripped was recently spotlighted in Men’s Health Australia:

  • He trains with a partner. Granted, he trains with Charlie Puth. You don’t need Charlie to find someone to motivate you in the gym, though (and to get to the gym in the first place).
  • He has a good mix of weights, cardio and rest. He follows a typical “split” workout that includes weights and 20-25 minutes of cardio at 50-75 percent of his maximum pace:
    • Monday: Legs.
    • Tuesday: Chest and abs.
    • Wednesday: Active rest (e.g. yoga or light resistance training).
    • Thursday: Back.
    • Friday: Shoulders.
    • Saturday: Arms and calves.
    • Sunday: Rest.
  • He follows a low-fat and low-carbohydrate diet. Like all of us, however, he does enjoy his favorite foods in moderation.

Think you could pull this off?

– Dan Mulcahey