Some people’s idea of a dream house is on a beach, overlooking the ocean.   Who wouldn’t want a view of the calming waves, seagulls, surfers, and a backyard full of hammocks, kayaks and jet skis? Maybe your personality is to have a home in such a remote place, you’d have to build a road to it first. Or maybe your home can be anywhere as long as it has a chef kitchen and a mud room large enough for everyone’s shoes, coats, and anything else they need to take off before entering your perfectly neat living quarters.

For a moment let’s imagine a custom-built cottage made entirely of chocolate, from it’s walls to the roof. Yes, it’s real, designed and manufactured by Jean-Luc Decluzeau. Jean-Luc  built this cottage that sleeps four and included a fireplace, bookcase and duck pond made of chocolate inside the Musee de Serves. Seems like Jean-Luc took the phrase Home Sweet Home literally!

This delicious experience can be yours by booking a cozy night stay.  Guests staying in the Chocolate House must behave like good citizens, so licking the walls and eating the floors would be considered damage! Since you need to provide a photo ID and credit card, you will be charged for bites in the chocolate.

Guests will participate in a workshop dedicated to the creation of personalized mini chocolate homes led by Jean-Luc himself. Imagine bringing your chocolate home creation to your architect and telling him to build it to scale!

My biggest concern is what happens to The Chocolate Cottage when it gets hot.  Does it become hot chocolate?

To quote Racquel Williams, “book me on a plane to France now”

Maryann Morgan