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We’ve been to Disneyworld more times than I can count. My wife, Kathleen (We were engaged in Cinderella’s castle), always seems to have a good reason to go back. This time it was because our oldest son Tyler’s girlfriend, Dana, had never been there. So, of course, it was our obligation to take her on a tour of all the parks.

Above it’s me with my favorite Disney character, Edna from The Incredibles. I’ve always been attracted to creative women with giant plastic heads.


This was a very heartwarming moment. Dana gave Tyler this “Best Boyfriend” trophy. I thought, “Wow, guess it’s getting serious.” Ty decided to store it safely on the shelf at the store where the picture was taken.

It’s a family tradition to take a picture in front of artificial mountains while 66% of us raise one arm in the air.

This is the sweetest and most delicious dessert I’ve ever tasted. That stuff in the bowl was ok too.

Here we are in front of the house we rented.

Here is a collection of all of my children. Kiera, Liam and Tyler with a big Woody.

I bought one of these for each of my coworkers. Don’t let the price shock you, I sweet talked myself a $100 discount!


Joel is a vegetarian who enjoys pork and chicken; he also loves to chase ping pong balls on a windy cruise ship.