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Here it is! The day that puts a little fear in everyone everywhere especially if you are the superstitious kind! Here are a 13 things that you should watch for today that I could remember growing up. If you don’t have any fears for Friday the 13th just enjoy it and have a good laugh anyway!

1. Avoid walking under a ladder – bad move and bad luck.
2. Touching wood to ward off any evil consequences or bad luck.
3. Breaking a mirror. 7 years bad luck. Crush the mirror pieces into powder so they no longer reflect.
4. Picking up a penny, heads down. The “tails” side is thought to represent evil.
5. Spilling salt. Throw it over the shoulder into the eyes of the devil if you do!
6. Avoid opening an umbrella inside! Bad luck into the dwelling or death.
7. No shoes on the bed or table ever! Love and luck will walk out of your life!
8. Black cats crossing your path. If they do adopt them!
9. Avoiding stepping over a crack “break your mother’s back.” Damage to your family’s health.
10. Purses on the floor. You will always be broke you will lose what fortunes you have.
11. Cutting your hair. If you cut your hair on Friday the 13th, legend has it someone in your family will die.
12. The 13th Floor of a building. Many buildings removed the floor in their elevators to eliminate bad luck.
13. The Number 13. Many believe the number 13 is bad luck. Spin around 7 times to break the bad Triskaidekaphobia is the fear of the number itself.