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My husband and I have talked about Rving National Parks for years. Every time we pass an RV on the highway I always mention that we should buy one. After our trip to Yosemite, I realize renting one as opposed to buying one is the way to go for us!

Traveling with the concept of a house on wheels is convenient and inconvenient at the same time. I will start by sharing what I loved about my experience.  I totally enjoyed having the ability to turn on the heat when the temps dipped into the low 40’s at night. Having a real bed with a mattress is much more appealing to me than sleeping in a tent.  Waking up and frying bacon on gas stove was much easier than cooking on a campfire in the morning.  One night while we were outside eating dinner, we felt like we were eaten alive by the bugs.  We packed up our food and headed inside and finished our meal at a comfortable table bug free!  We sat at the table and played card games before bed. It was nice to have a fridge and freezer in our place too.                                                                                                                                                                             

You may wonder what could possibly be the down fall of RVing. Well, the roads leading to Yosemite are winding, steep, and narrow. The RV is tall, wide, and not easy to maneuver. There was no shoulder so we white knuckled our way through.  At one point we had to find a different route because our RV was 13′ and the tunnel was 10’8″. That could have been disastrous!

We stayed at two different campsites, none of which had a hook up.  I learned the difference between the terms gray water and black water. Gray water is the water that goes down the drain when you do the dishes or shower. Black water is the water that goes down the drain when you flush the toilet. We constantly had to check how much room was left in these tanks and dump it when it became 2/3 full. This meant we had to find a spot to hook up the hoses and drain these tanks. Just the thought of it had me say “Eeeww.”  But, on the bright side, I had the convenience of a toilet in the middle of the night when I needed one!

There are some added costs to be aware of,  like going over the mileage, the high price of gas, the cost of dumping your tanks, the cost of the campsite, etc.  We paid $5.62 a gallon for gas in Cali and I thought I was gonna choke. My wallet choked for sure! Even though it is a little pricier than staying at a hotel, I would do another vacation on wheels in a heartbeat! It was thrilling. It allows you to travel in remote areas where there are no hotels. Gazing at the millions of stars at night and hearing the sounds of the wild with no else around us was well worth everything!

Maryann Morgan