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You see it everywhere today whether its at a restaurant, the movies, a sporting event, concerts etc, everyone around you has there face buried in their phones. Its honestly sad because people are never living in the moment anymore. When something special does happen, they enjoy it after hitting the record button on their phone and seeing it happen through there screen even though they can be 10 feet away.

One of my favorite artists, Machine Gun Kelly, said it best during an interview he had one day. He stated that “He would rather have his fans come out to his shows and enjoy his performance, instead of having them go there and recording it for YouTube.” Why? Because he doesn’t care that he may be getting free publicity by them doing that, he cares more that his fans show up and enjoy the songs with him that he put so much time and effort to create. Because of this interview, I refuse to use my cell phone at a show I go too. I go and LIVE IN THE MOMENT!  But wait, there’s more. He also stated, he loves when his fans approach him without asking for a photo right off the bat. Having a fan go up to him and just want to talk and get to know one another, makes him feel the love for him is real. Getting to know someone is so much more special then a photo. Now do you think you can let your favorite celebrity walk by without getting a picture to share with the world? Trust me I know, IT’S HARD TO RESIST!

But the question here is; How long do I think I can go with out my cellphone? Ughhhh this is hard. I work in an industry where being active on all social media accounts is very important. Instagram, Twitter & Facebook are not just platforms for me to express myself as an individual, these are tools I use everyday to build my brand & communicate with all of you while I’m on and off the air. You take these things away from me, I would only be able to talk with you for those 4 hrs everyday while I’m at work. But social media isn’t the only reason I need my phone on a daily basis, it’s important for me to be in touch with family and friends so I know everyone is ok. My mother & brother live in Connecticut & my father is over in Brooklyn, so god forbid anything serious were to happen, they would have no way of contacting me. So how long can I go with out my phone? Probably about a few hours or so, but anything over a day….NEVER!!!!