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I am a self-proclaimed foodie and recognize the fact that I’ll never have a six-pack, nor do I think a Speedo is in my future. (When people tell me that they cut carbs out of their diet by choice, I shudder at the thought.) If anyone asks if I’m up for happy hour or a nice meal out, I’m the first one to say, “Okay, where are we going?”

A few friends on a quick outdoor happy hour trip – the wine was flowing!

Apparently, new research shows that the more a person eats with others, the happier he or she is. There’s no doubt that holds true for me. Sure, sometimes we all like to wind down with some sushi and a glass of wine on our own, but nine times out of ten, I’d much rather hang with some friends or coworkers, have a few drinks and explore some new restaurants to keep things interesting. Especially this time of year, it’s fantastic to find those outdoor spots where you can enjoy the nice weather.

And, yes, chances are, I’ll post a picture on Facebook or Instagram of either the crew I’m eating with or the food or cocktail I’m inhaling in between conversations. That pic at the top was from a brunch from a few weeks back. Probably some of the best home-cooked breakfast food I had in years! I’ve tried to cut back on the food pics, though, as I feel like a lot of people are starting to get tired of them! (Not me, though. Half of the accounts I follow are restaurants – especially sushi places!)

What about you? Are you all about going out to eat and then posting a ton of pics? Or do you prefer a quiet meal at home and keeping your social media pics to your pets (or none at all)?