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I’ve always felt it’s more fun to do things in groups no matter what the activity is. I love eating out with friends or having people over to have drinks and play cards.  Even when I was dating, I thought it was more fun to go on a double date rather than out with just my boyfriend. The bigger the group, the more energy and laughs. Socializing seems so healthy. It lifts your spirits when you are feeling down.  I can’t imagine what it would be like to not socialize.

I understand that socializing gives some people anxiety, so in today’s blog I want to give a couple of tips to those who find it difficult to go out and have fun. First of all everyone feels shy and insecure from time to time. If your negative thoughts keep you from feeling confident enough to be a social person, you need to pay attention to your negative thoughts and label it as a” negative thought”.  Try to turn your negative thought into a more positive one. Let’s say you tell yourself that you’re fat, how about telling yourself that you’d like to lose weight and be healthy so you can feel more attractive and have more energy.

Everyone is unique and has brought something to the table that they can be proud of. How about acknowledging your accomplishments. What have you done in the past year that you’re proud of? What do people compliment you on? Ask yourself some questions and you might be surprised how really amazing you are.

You’ve heard this a million times – “stop comparing yourself to others”.  Why is it that people compare their low points with other peoples high points? Keep in mind  everyone suffers from time to time. To be happy you need to get that happiness attitude.

It’s ironic that the people who feel insecure feel like everyone is always looking at them. When you are out at your next social, keep in mind you are not being watched at every moment. Strangers and people you know are not constantly looking at you until you embarrass yourself so they can talk about you behind your back.

Not everyone is going to like you and you are not going to like everyone you meet.  That’s okay, the worst thing that can happen when you socialize with someone is that you don’t hit it off with them and they don’t invite you back to their next party. Who cares, have fun at the party now. Stuff you face with the hors d’oeuvres and drink the most expensive wine at the party.

Cheers to becoming a more social person – Maryann Morgan