In Jersey you go “down the shore” for the weekend.  The smell of the salt air and coconut scented sunscreen along with the cool breeze hitting your face, makes you want to stay forever. There’s over 300 miles of coastline and everyone seems to have their favorite spot. I have several favorite spots ranging from Seven Presidents Beach to Island Beach State Park.  When you’re at the Jersey Shore it’s not just a beach, it’s a community. Every beach offers something a bit different.

My family and I love the atmosphere of Island Beach State Park. It’s the best both worlds, with the bay on one side of the street, and the ocean on the other.  We go to the bay side to crab and paddle board. We hit the ocean side to fish, boogie board, surf and play beach games.  While I’m under my big beach umbrella, I love watching the planes fly over the water advertising local businesses like a long flag hitching a ride on the back of their small plane. The biggest challenge is eating the traditional sub sandwich on the beach and hoping that you can down it before the seagulls swoop down and grab it from your hand.

The Jersey shore is like one big open playground. My family and I have done many triathlons at Sandy Hook.  No matter what my activity is on the beach, I end each day with a cherry flavored snow cone or a chocolate chip mint ice cream cone with jimmies!

Here’s to making sand castles, writing your name in the sand and collecting sea shells! – Maryann Morgan