Summer is almost here, so get yourself ready for that crazy traffic trying to get down to the Shore. But once you make it past the bumper to bumper gridlock traffic, there’s nothing but good times to have. Whether you like to bake in the sun on the beach, take a stroll on the boardwalk or even hit up some of the clubs, there’s plenty of things to do when you finally make it. Ya see me, I’ve never been a big beach guy because my Irish skin doesn’t fare will in the sun, I never saw the thrill in walking on the boardwalk and I’m more of a dive bar type of guy so going to clubs was never really my scene. So now you’re probably wondering, “What in the world does this guy like to do at the shore?” Well the answer is simple, I love to go to Shore House parties. Most of friends get Shore houses ever Summer so they can go to that club/bar DJais every night. I find the pregame party at the house is the best time though. Because when you’re in the club you’re surrounded by sweaty people you don’t even know and it’s almost impossible to walk without bumping into someone. But when it’s just you and your friends hanging out at the house, listening to music, playing some drinking games,  it’s honestly the best time ever! This actually makes me very jealous because WE’RE GIVING OUT A WEEKS STAY AT A SHORE HOUSE AND I CANT WIN! Luckily for you though, you can! So take my advice, get yourself in the running to win this shore house so you can have the time of your life this summer!


Magic Shore House 2018