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When asked “What would you do with a grand,” I thought, “I’ve never won that much money before.” After much thought and rejecting the idea of putting it in the bank, I decided to buy something for everyone in my family.

My wife, Kathleen, would love a shopping spree at White House Black Market! My oldest son, Tyler, is looking to move out into his own apartment so I’d get him something he needs to make that happen. My 13 year old daughter, Kiera, could use a new phone and basketball bag and her twin brother, Liam, would love a new baseball bat or a pair of Kyries.

And what about me? Hmmm, I would say a nice dinner out with my wife, kids, parents and in-laws. Not the most exciting answer, but I’d love it!:)

You know you could use an extra thousand bucks!

See for yourself!