We all have that one song that we can listen to over and over again right? It might be a song you recently heard for the first time and instantly fell in love with or it could be a song that reminds you of your childhood. For me it has to be the song I remember hearing as child which was Savage Garden’s “I Want You.” Many people would say this isn’t what they would expect from me because today I love the style and flow of Hip Hop/R&B. But it cant be any type of Hip Hop, for some reason I’ve always loved when artist would rap or sing very fast. Machine Gun Kelly, Busta Rhymes & Twista are perfect example of artists that emulate this style. The reason I think I enjoy a fast style of music is because of this track by Savage Garden. At the time this song was released I was just seven years old and to this day my Dad always tells the story of how impressed he was that a little kid could memorize this whole song word for word without error due to the speed of the lyrics. If you’ve never heard the track be sure to give it a listen because to this day I can always blast it in my car and have a little jam out session all by myself!


P.S. If your confused by the title “Chica Cherry Cola” .. Just know that’s my favorite part of the whole song!