Maryann Was Asked What She'd Do With A Grand in Her Hand!

When asked what I'd do with a Grand in My Hand  I thought of it as a difficult task to come up with a good answer. The right answer depends on your circumstances and if you could use a $1,000 to improve your life in some manner.

What I'd really do with $1,000:

  1. Establish an emergency fund
  2. Sock it in a retirement fund
  3. Payoff some of my son's college loan
  4. Fitness membership
  5. Invest and watch it grow

My Fantasy of What I'd do With a $1,000:

  1. Sail the Caribbean
  2. Eat endless lobster and drink endless amounts of coconut water
  3. Spend nine days at Disneyland
  4. Spiff up my home
  5. See Taylor Swift, Pink, or Adele in concert 10 times

Would You spend a $1,000 on a fantasy or practicality? You may have the chance to spend it any way you'd like! Listen weekdays at 8 am,11 am, 1 pm, 4 pm , and 6 pm for the keyword to text to 40772.