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Mike McGinn

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It’s National Pet Day! Whether you have a cat, dog, fish, bird etc. You should always show your furry little friend some love, especially on a day dedicated to him/her! In my household we honor my dog named Buddy!

This little guy is a Beagle/Jack Russell mix & has been nothing but a blessing to me and my fiance. We adopted him a few years back after his owner abandoned him with his old roommate. The roommate who was stuck with the dog had no time to take care of him because he worked about 12 hours a day and honestly, you can’t fault the guy because it wasn’t his pup. He was going to bring him to the pound if he didn’t find a home for him but me and my fiance couldn’t let that happen. We drove out to Manhattan to get him and we, along with Buddy never looked back. By the way Buddy wasn’t always his name, when we picked him up his name was “Trigger.” We knew we had to change it right away because you can tell the poor pup lived a rough life. He would flinch at the sight of a belt or hanger, wouldn’t eat his food & he always wanted to be by himself. Realizing this, we wanted him to know times were about to change. Therefore we named him Buddy!

Years have passed since then & now the little guy wont stop eating everything in sight and always wants to be next to me or his mommy. You can tell a change has happened because he never used to care when we would leave for work at first, but now he gets so upset when we have to go out. He’ll either cry when he sees us leaving or he’ll literally jump up into my fiances arms so he can come with us. I never thought I would get so attached to an animal before in my life, but my Buddy boy is more than just my pet, he’s literally my son!

And if you didn’t believe me when I said he eats everything in sight, check out this pic lol!