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It’s National Pet Day!   Time to celebrate the furry kids in our lives!   In our house, the best day of the week is CATURDAY!   I take photos each week and share on social media.  Cornell is the star of Caturday every week, but only because Dolly Dagger doesn’t really like her picture taken.

My cats are certainly the furry loves of my life, and can certainly turn a bad day into something awesome…um, I mean, pawsome!   As cat people though, we’ve got some catching up to do…dogs are still the number one pet in America (45% of people have dogs; only 30% have cats)…but whatever you have, make sure to give your pet some extra smooches today, a few extra treats, and props for always showing you unconditional love!

Mike McGinn’s dog, Buddy, is adorable, and we have a friendly rivalry of who on the air staff has the cuter pet, but as far as who has more photos in their phone,  I win that, “paws down!”  (And, I don’t have to walk Cornell, so there’s that, too…)

Are you going to do something special for National Pet Day?   Hit me up on the studio line and let me know, or tweet me @debbiemaz and share your plans!



Debbie’s a Maniacal Music Lover, Met fan, Animal Advocate, and Cosmo drinker!