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$1000 is a lot of money, and I could definitely use it right now, but working at MAGIC automatically eliminates me from winning the cash, but a man can dream, right? The top five things I would do with a free $1000 are what usually get me in trouble with my fiancé, so buckle your seatbelts because you’re probably about to be mad at my ideas.

#5 – I have been a diehard New York Mets fan forever. I usually get out to the ballpark for 3 games during the season, but I’m also nuts to the point where I don’t miss one televised game either. Yes, when I get home around 7:30ish, the first thing I do is run to the TV and watch my boys in orange and blue go to work. This usually ends up in disappointment because let’s be honest, the Mets are and always have been terrible during my lifetime. I know it, you know & of course, my fiancé knows it since she’s the one stuck watching it every night, but I don’t care! I literally crave watching baseball and if you gave me $1000 with no questions asked, I can guarantee you, I would buy season tickets to Citi Field. Now before you say anything, yes I know season tickets cost more than that, but there is a 20 game ticket plan that fits that budget perfectly! 😉

#4 – When I was just a young kid, about four or five years old, I was sitting on the stoop of my cousin’s house looking up to the stars just daydreaming. My father walked out, sat down with me and asked a simple question, “Mikey what are you thinking about?” I replied back to him exactly what was on my mind which could be every kid’s dream, “Dad I wish the whole world was made out of macaroni & cheese!” Yes, I wanted the whole world to be made out of delicious pasta with a gooey cheddar cheese because that would be awesome! Unfortunately, that’s impossible, but $1000 could seriously buy me a lot of boxes of Velveeta. This would probably make me the unhealthiest person alive, but I know I would be the happiest!

#3 – I’m a sucker for amazing art and not just a painting you can go see at the art exhibit, more like the kind that’s permanently on your body. I don’t know what it is about them, but I love tattoos. I currently have two of them, a Celtic cross on my right arm & and new school fighting Irishman with my last name on my right leg. Getting a sleeve on my arm is something I always wanted but the only problem is, they are so expensive! A design the size of a baby carrot can easily cost you $50, just imagine what it would cost to have my whole arm done! $1000 would go a long way for me to get something I’ll regret in 30 years.

Ok now you understand why I would probably get in trouble with my fiancé, so now I’m going to put my responsible hat on and try to be a good adult lol.

#2 – RENT! I live in a one-bedroom apartment out in Staten Island with the future Mrs. McGinn & our little pup, Buddy. To live here costs my fiancé and I about $1,200/month, so if I can have one out of twelve months where I just have to pay $200, that would be awesome cause let’s be honest, RENT SUCKS!

#1 – You may have noticed I keep bringing up my fiancé during this list, right? Well when someone is your fiancé, you usually have a huge expense to pay for, the wedding. This thing is running my pockets dry between the location, DJ, flowers, dress, etc. I don’t know how I’m paying for this thing! I will say this, if $1000 were to magically come my way, it won’t cover everything but it would definitely help out a lot!

So those are the five things that I would do if I were able to win $1000. I hope you enjoyed reading it and that it motivated you to take a shot at the money!

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