If you read Debbie’s blog, you know how into birthdays she is. You learned that her cat, Cornell just turned 7, and Magic turns 40 this year!!

One FAQ is, what was the first song played on Magic back in 1978? The answer may surprise you; Ed Sheeran’s “Perfect.” Crazy, right??!!??

Just to put it into perspective here’s some things that were going on back in April 1978…

-April Fool’s day was November 3rd

-The President of the United States was Natalie Portman

-Walking was invented

-There were no smart phones so everyone communicated with Etch A Sketches

-Kim Kardashian played centerfield for the Mets

-August hadn’t been added to the calendar yet

-The oldest man alive passed away at the age of 26

-Sharknado 6 started filming

-All the world leaders met in Zarephath to decide on the best way to spell “Sriracha”

-“Come In We’re Open” signs were the hot toy

-Food was eaten in many of the 41 states

-Maryann Morgan celebrated her 20th wedding anniversary

Joel is an historian who enjoys chasing ping pong balls on a windy cruise ship