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  It’s hard to believe  that Magic 98.3 turned 40! This is a time you can say “wow, you look great for your age” and actually mean it.

Usually at 40 your tastes are pretty much set in stone, but Magic 98.3 manages to flow with the times and remain the “cool” 40 year old.  I personally experienced the many changes that Magic 98.3 has gone through. I was on the air 7- midnight in the early to mid 90’s. What a fun show and experience. I sat there for five hours taking love call-ins for the love dedication show. Sometimes I needed to give advice on a relationship that was holding on by torn threads. Sometimes I gave advice on how to add a spark to bring excitement back into a relationship that is about to turn sour. Sometimes my listeners gave sound advice from their own personal experience.

Whatever the reason that people listened or called in, we all connected on some level. We not only connected to each other, but we connected with artists we played. The artists  helped with the love connection. Every dedication was followed by a song and Michael Bolton was most requested by the male audience.


Another male favorite song dedication was from UB40. (Whatever happened to them?)

Sometimes relationships left a broken heart and a sad song and a box of tissues always helped.

And whenever I got a chance to throw my favorite on the turn table, I chose this one from the Cover Girls.


By far this was the most requested song weeknights, from The Bodyguard, Whitney Houston new how to sing a power ballad. The song about deep love and the confusion that happens to lovers because of the different perceptions of men and women when it comes to commitment.



I thank my listeners who were around for that most memorable journey that I had here at Magic 98.3. It was a time in my life that I will never forget. I hope my advice helped build a stronger relationship.

 Maryann likes to spend her spare time listening to sappy songs with a box of tissues. I leave you with a sappy song for you to enjoy. Goodnight….