Mike McGinn

Weekdays 3pm - 7pm

This past weekend we celebrated MAGIC 98.3’s 40th birthday!!! To put it in perspective, I wasn’t even a thought in my parents head yet. Well at least I hope I wasn’t because at the time MAGIC was born, my mother was 11 years old and my father was just 13. But the fact that this station is still around after all these years isn’t because of the awesome staff we have here, all the credit goes out to our loyal listeners. Without you turning us on, we wouldn’t have the privilege to do what we do every single day. So in honor of MAGIC’s 40th birthday I would like to raise my glass and thank you for giving us a listen every single day! You are not just our listeners, not just our friends, you are and always will be our family!


Now lets do this another 14,600 days!