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Brett Radler

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A vintage Magic 98.3 water bottle, circa 1996!

Where did the time go?? It’s hard to believe that our favorite radio station is turning the big 4-0 on Easter Sunday! No matter how you slice it, Magic 98.3 has always been a part of my life.

Somehow, I found the station back when I was a young kid in the 90s, and I refused to stop listening to it. I’d beg my parents to put it on whenever we were in the car. I even remember going to a local restaurant during one of their appearances. I have an old tee shirt and a water bottle with an old logo on it, too!

So what about Magic 98.3 makes it so special?

Brett, in all his glory, playing Christmas music in 2014!

Obviously, the music is fantastic and still is to this day. It certainly has evolved over the years – who’d have thought you’d hear the likes of Justin Bieber, Beyoncé and Lady Gaga on Magic 15 years ago? I wouldn’t have, but I’m sure glad we do! The formula remains the same – all of your favorite throwbacks to some of today’s biggest hits to keep you up to date! (And besides, who doesn’t love when we become “Jersey’s Christmas Station” every year?? It’s my favorite time of year to work at the station!)

But, as with any radio station, it’s more than just the music. Magic was the first radio station I not only really had a passion for, but the first one I actually worked at (aside from my college radio station at Rutgers). I started in 2009 as an intern, worked my way on the air as a part-time guy you’d hear on the weekends and randomly doing fill-ins and now am so grateful to be spending each weeknight with you!

When it comes down to it, though, what really makes Magic… Magic? It has to be the people. Since the day I walked in, I knew that Magic was a special radio station because of the people who make it all happen – and that includes everyone listening! From the many people who mentored me along the way and gave me multiple opportunities – especially Debbie Mazella who gave me my start and then offered me the night shift last year – to everyone behind the scenes who keeps the station on the air, greets listeners at events and manages our great community relationships, the team of people here is top notch.

Brett, Cindy Vero, Debbie’s hubby Gerard and Debbie at a Magic holiday party

Unlike most other radio stations you can listen to in Jersey, Magic is local, plays great music and has the best staff and the best listeners around. Simple as that. That’s what has kept Magic around for 40 years. And that’s what will keep it around for 40 more. Keep listening, coming out to events, making requests and hitting us up on the phone and social media. We love hearing from you!

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for being a part of Magic 98.3 and making us your radio “home.” Because there’s no place I’d rather be.

Cheers to another 40 years of Magic!