Classic Easter Traditions will never go out of style in my family.

The night before Easter is the traditional night for my family to dye our eggs. The smell of vinegar & food coloring in foam cups spread along the kitchen table is what I think of when I think of Easter preparation. We are very competitive, so decorating the prettiest or most unique egg is very important to us. Sometimes I think our eggs are too pretty to eat!

For those who aren’t creative or lack time, they now sell colored eggs this time of year.

Our Easter starts with a sunrise service while we are dressed in our Sunday best.  After Mass, we head home for our traditional Easter breakfast; ham smothered in horseradish sauce and babka! After breakfast,  big and small people head outdoors for the traditional egg hunt.  We exchange plants such as Easter Lilies or Tulips with the adult females. A few hours later it’s time to gather around the table again. Easter ham makes an appearance once again, along with it’s sidekick kielbasa and sauerkraut. The meat fest gets even bigger when the leg of lamb makes it’s way onto the table.  Potato salad is a side dish tradition in my family. We end our meal by everyone sitting around and cracking our colorful egg masterpieces!

I hope you enjoy some family traditions too! Enjoy your Easter and be safe – Maryann