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Mike McGinn

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I remember being a kid waking up on Easter morning and being greeted with a massive basket filled with goodies & little plastic eggs hidden around the house filled with money & if my brother and I found the eggs, we would be able to keep the cash! That was awesome, but it was also over 20 years ago. My Mom and Dad always entertained us with these treats for Easter every year & it was so fun! Finding the eggs around the house was a fun competion between my brother and I because it was the one time we could earn money with out doing chores around the house. lol!

But now I’m a grown man who doesn’t live with his parents so I don’t get this awesome treatment anymore. I will say though, I can’t complain! My fiance being a full blooded Italian, they go all out with Easter dinner. Lobters, shrimp, clams, oysters and pretty much everything else you can find under the sea is up for grabs at the dinner table. Yes….it’s heaven on Earth! Don’t get me wrong though, as much as I love the display of fresh fish for dinner, when I have my first child I cant wait to continue the tradition my Mother and Father kept alive for so many years with me!