Have You Seen This?

Are you into getting pedicures or thinking about trying one out? DON’T SKIP READING THIS. 

According to a Georgia-based dermatologist and American Academy of Dermatology Fellow Dr. Lauren Ploch, you should not shave your legs before getting this service done.

You’d think, “I don’t want someone to see or touch my hairy legs!” But this isn’t a reason for comfort, this is for your own safety.

Dr. Ploch spoke with InStyle and she shares the following information:

“Shaving the legs may cause microfissures (like tiny nicks) in the skin, increasing your risk of infection after the pedicure,” Ploch explains. If bacteria, fungi, or viruses are lurking in an improperly cleaned pedicure tub, Ploch says, they can “take advantage of breaks in our skin barrier” and result in an infection.


The article shares that even if the equipment looks clean, it may harbor some bacteria, fungi, and viruses that could get into those cuts and cause skin issues. They also note that if you have blisters or any broken skin, you should avoid getting this service done until it’s healed, or doing it yourself at home, rather than exposing yourself to those conditions.

For spas and beauty spots, this may be a frustrating cautionary tale, because people may avoid the spa all together, but as long as your favorite spot is being clearly taken care of, and you keep yourself in check by not shaving beforehand, it should still be safe to get your pamper on!

Remember, most nail specialists and spa technicians have seen hairy legs. It’s not like you are a werewolf or anything!


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