Mike McGinn

Weekdays 3pm - 7pm

Yes, I made the choice to do a 6 week challenge with Crossfit 103 located in Staten Island, NY. Over the weekend I completed my second week and to put it short, I have never felt better. The diet program they have me on has honestly kept me full every day, the work outs have given more energy then a cup of coffee has ever given me before and the coaches have been super supportive to everyone trying to get into better shape. Now when you do this challenge there are select time slots you can choose from to best fit your work schedule and for myself and about 10-15 other people, we decided to wake up bright and early to attend the 6am class. Yeah I know, I thought it was nuts at first too. But when we got to that 6am class we were greeted by Coach Chris and right away he helped shake the morning blues and we got right to work so we can better ourselves and get stronger with proper form. Now on Saturday we get to go in at noon and this week we worked with Coach Matt who recently became a Certified Crossfit Level 3 Trainer and in the Crossfit world that is a rare achievement (Congrats Matt!). He put us through the ringer but he was there guiding us the whole time. For example, we did this work out movement called “Box Jumps”, he spotted me doing the workout incorrectly so he walked right over to me and coached me on how to do it the right way.

My expierence with Crossfit 103 has been nothing but positive thus far. Working with other people who just want to get healthy like myself has been awesome and we’re only getting started!


Now ….. BRING ON WEEK 3!!!!