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Dan Mulcahey

Sundays 8am - 11am

Want to spend less time in the gym, but still make time for abs? Usually that’s what we save for the end of our workouts, and it sometimes is the first thing to get cut if we run out of time. Here are a few ways to incorporate ab work in the strength exercises you’re already doing, courtesy of

  • Add weight overhead. For example, if you’re doing lunges, hold a medicine ball over your head. This will force your abs to maintain stability
  • Do the twist. When you’re doing those same lunges, or any exercise where you can twist, adding a twist adds another level of complexity for your abs
  • Pause at the top of step-ups or pull-ups. Balancing on one leg during a step-up for an extra moment, or stopping at the top of a pull-up, adds more ab tension

It’s all about getting the best workout you can in the least amount of time, so you can get back to everything else you want to do!

– Dan Mulcahey