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Hollywood stars are flocking to tanning salons for this weekend’s Academy Awards ceremony and after parties. The Hollywood trend is to do the double dip.  The double dip is not an ice cream cone or cocktail. Stars are tanning on the beds for 12 minutes then jumping into an airbrush booth.  This ensures a deepened glow and a more natural look.

I too tried to get that bronzed look in June. It wasn’t an awards ceremony I was trying to look good for. I wanted to look like I had myself together for my son’s college graduation.  A spray tan can instantly transform you from a normal version of yourself .  If you go down the spray tan path, just know that you can become one of the many tan fails.  It would seem that being a light skinned redhead, common sense would defeat going too far down the spray tan path. The girl at the tanning salon told me the range of colors that would work on my skin.  I opted to get sprayed with the deepest color the salon offered.  The end result was my skin had a hue of magenta. Barney the Dinosaur looks good in purple skin, I on the other hand do not! I looked anything but natural.  I learned not to go much darker than the skin tone you were born with if you don’t want to embarrass your kid when he sees you on graduation day! On the plus side, a fake tan can make your teeth and eyes appear a lot brighter.

A few things to remember when fake tanning:

  • Remember to do your face so your body isn’t 3 shades darker than your face
  • Don’t listen to the blogger who said using a paint roller will give you and even coat, unless you want your tan to match your  cherry wood dining table
  • Make sure you use a wet wipe on your palms and soles of your feet
  • A cotton ball sprayed with Windex does actually help to lighten the uneven, darker sections on your skin
  • Don’t cry if your friends play you the Oompa Loompa song