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NEW YORK, NY - APRIL 30: Popcorn is served at the "Penny Dreadful" Screening And Q&A With Reeve Carney at Tribeca Cinemas on April 30, 2015 in New York City. (Photo by Rob Kim/Getty Images for Showtime)

#5 – Wonder

To be honest, I had no interest in seeing this movie what so ever because I didn’t know what it was about and I’ve never heard about it before watching it. But my future wife is a middle school teacher and she actually read this book with her students which led to her bugging me to watch it for months. I finally caved so we made it a movie night. To keep it short, it’s about a young boy who was born with Treacher Collins Syndrome which leaves him looking much different then other kids his age. He sets out on a journey to stop being home schooled and head over to an actually school with other kids. Dealing with making friends, having a crush for the first time, and of course bullies are the obstacles he faces, but didn’t we all go through that when we were younger? If you’re looking for a flick that will help you shed a tear here and there, give Wonder a shot! IT’S SO GOOD!

#4 – The 40 Year Old Virgin

The plot is simple, just look at the title of the movie lol! It’s about a 40-year-old man who is still a virgin. The movie stars Steve Carell, Paul Rudd, Seth Rogan and so much more. What makes this movie special to me is that one day my brother, cousins, father & myself all watched it together and there is one scene where Steve Carrel (The virgin), invites his friends over to his apartment. As they walk in they see his crazy collection of superhero statues and collectables which leads to all his buddies now making fun of him. Now my father is an avid collector of these statues as well so when this scene came on my family and I all took a moment of silence and slowly looked at my Dad and bursted out into laughter because it looked as if the movie was about him for that short scene lol! If you have never seen this movie & you’re looking for a laugh, The 40 Year Old Virgin is a good go to movie.

#3 – Deadpool

Not going to lie, I’m a big time sucker for super hero movies and Deadpool was an absolute game changer when it came to the genre. Every super hero movie before this was very family friendly which was ok because that’s how the characters story line was suppose to be. Deadpool on the other hand is a “hero” known for his crazy antics and unfiltered vocabulary. The movie was rated “R” for a reason and if you’ve seen the movie you’ll know exactly why. If you havent and you plan on watching it with the kids….DON’T!

#2 – Insidious (all movies)

Do you love horror films? I know I do & the Insidious movies have delivered every single time. If you know anything about astral projection then you’ll understand the movie very easily. If you don’t, astral projection is the theory that you have the ability to make your inner spirit leave you physical body and travel within the astral plane and eventually make it back to your body safe and sound. Now this movie is based around a young boy who has this ability to do just that but instead of coming back to his physical form, he gets trapped in the astral world which leads his family on a journey to get him back. WARNING: If you do not do well with horror films, watch this with caution! lol

#1 – The Change Up

Easily my favorite movie of all time! Its about two best friends, one being a successful family man and the other bring an unemployed ladies man who loves to party. They end up catching up at a bar together and get severly intoxicated which then leads to them going for a walk and going to the bathroom at the same time in a water fountain. As they are both relieving themselves they start talking about how “they wish they had each others lives.” Unfortunly, this was a magic water fountain and made their wish come true! Now they must go on a mission of living in each others bodies as they try and figure out how to reverse the curse. I might have watched this movie a good 50 times and I crack up every single time!